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Shape-shifting organizations grow from the edges and it is at the edges where diversity and innovation thrive: "Almost by definition, breakthroughs require serendipity. That serendipity arises from diverse preparedness.

John Butman is the author of Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013) and founder of the content development firm idea Platforms.

Through our events, online resources, and collaborative programs we provide guidance and promote opportunities for individuals, organizations, and businesses to use food waste reduction as a strategy that saves money, benefits the community, and alleviates strain on the environment.

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At SHIFT, we want to provide you with ample opportunity to enhance your existing skill sets-or develop new ones.Offering your volunteer services, as a committee member or one-off project team member, can help you do just that.

According to the world health organization (WHO), some 50 million people have dementia. Although the volume of research.

The Power Shift Network is a growing network of student and youth-led environmental, climate, and social justice partner organizations. The network has 6 full-time staff and an office in Washington, DC. The following organizations are a few of the 53 (as of June 2017) members of the network:

organizations in which change is frequent, rapid, and even endemic to the firm. This perspective contrasts with many paradigms in organizational and strategic thinking, such as transaction cost economics, agency theory, and organization ecology, in which organizations are assumed to be static or nearly so. These theories were developed in the 1970s

The "Shifting the Burden" structure shows that, in addition to refining our organizations’ mechanisms for detecting slow, gradual changes, we need to develop better direction-setting systems. Otherwise, we may improve at making course corrections but never clarify what course we really want to take.

Celebrating 10 Years of Better Sex Ed and Safer Schools for LGBTQ+ students. ten years ago, our state passed two critical pieces of legislation thanks to the efforts of thousands of young people, some amazing advocates, and a bipartisan group of legislators.The Healthy Youth Act put an end to North Carolina’s restric.

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“Through the shift-care challenge investment program. and collaborative relationships with other local organizations has.