how much to move a grand piano

Though moving a piano may seem like a simple procedure, there are hidden factors which compound the procedure. Pianos are difficult to move and should only be moved by a professional who is careful, properly trained, insured, and has the proper equipment. An upright piano is the most popular and simpler to move than a grand piano.

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For example a bell upright piano or Mason and Hamlin Grand Piano would weigh a couple hundred more pounds than there Yamaha counter parts. Where are you moving your piano to and from? It always amazes me the number of people that ask for a quote a piano move without telling you where they are or where they are moving it too.

Prices for moving and pianos may seem high to you but if you damage the piano or injure yourself or a friend the price for moving will all of a sudden seem quite reasonable or cheap. By the time you purchase or rent the equipment needed to move the piano including a truck or trailer you may not be saving very much money at all.

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There are several excellent reasons why any piano moving instances are better left for e xperienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Extraordinary weight: small upright pianos (spinet pianos) can weigh between 300-400 lbs., big uprights go from 500 lbs. up to 800 lbs., while grand pianos can weigh up to 1200 lbs., or even more.

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Piano Movers. If there’s one thing about moving we know best, it’s how heavy and bulky pianos are to move. Leave it up to us if you need your piano relocated! thankfully, our "Movers Who Care" are equipped and properly trained with the best practices for moving these large instruments..