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It will also take much less time to move house with the help of a reliable moving company. How to Move a Piano on Hardwood Floors. To move a piano on a hardwood floor, you can use the same technique as the one for moving a piano on a carpet. Still, there are some additional tips we would like to share that will make the process faster and easier.

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 · You don’t lift the piano onto the dolly. The dolly edges slip underneath and raised the piano up onto wheels. Strap the dolly to both ends of the piano, step down on the metal levers = it lowers the wheels and raises the piano. Then use the wood handles to move/roll/carry the piano around:

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 · Pianos are one of the harder items in a household to move, considering their size, awkward shape, and bulkiness. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of a professional moving company. Today, I will specifically talk about moving a baby grand or grand piano. These babies can weigh between 500 to 1200 hundred pounds [.]

A good piano mover will streamline this process to it’s most basic elements, but everything above plays into the cost of moving a piano. I’ve seen some moves in some part of the country go for $100 and others for a couple thousand depending on the distance being travelled.