how much is it to move a piano

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Prices for piano moving can range from $100 to $1000. Because of the difficulty involved in moving a piano, especially a larger one, using a professional moving company is.

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A prized piano can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars to even millions. Not only are pianos expensive, they are delicate and notoriously difficult to move. A piano is a valuable possession to their owners and is something rarely left behind during a move. How much should it cost to move a piano?

If you’re in the midst of totaling up moving costs, you may be wondering–how much does it cost to move a piano, long distance? While the answer will be different for every unique situation, there are a few consistent factors that can affect the total cost of this helpful service.

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Before moving a piano weighing under 400 pounds, plan out your route from start to finish, and communicate it to everyone who is helping you move. Additionally, arrange for 1 helper per every 100 pounds of your piano’s weight to ensure that it can be moved safely.

The grand piano was delivered and set onto its A-frame in very little time. The men also had to move an upright piano up 3 floors and then bring down a very heavy Pianola, which I know was awkward to move and meant taking off a couple of doors. There was no fuss in doing this, they just got on with the job very professionally.

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